Premiere: Porcelain Raft, “Gone Blind (Nowa Huta Remix)” MP3 and “Tip of Your Tongue” Video

After seeing Porcelain Raft multiple times during CMJ, one of our favorite parts about his music ended up being that he’s able to get really dark while still singing in the sweetest, honey coated voice around. It creates this weird push and pull between gorgeous vocals and almost spastic aggression. Nowa Huta—who will soon have an EP on Tri Angle—seems to understand this as well, because he’s reduced the vocals down to little more than a windswept howl over moaning bass and thin, tense drums. Then, after you’re significantly bummed out or mad at god or whatever else this song makes you feel, watch the video for Porcelain Raft’s “Tip of Your Tongue” up above. It’s probably PR’s most unconditionally sweet song. And then after you’re feeling all warm from that video, go here to download the rest of the remixes by Keep Shelly in Athens, Blood Diamonds and Blackbird Blackbird. We’re not going to tell you how those songs control our emotions because they are taking forever to download. But they’re probably pretty awesome. Porcelain Raft’s EP will be out soon on Acephale.

Download: Porcelain Raft, “Gone Blind (Nowa Huta Remix)”

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