Stream: Games, “Strawberry Skies (Hudson Mohawke Remix)” + Video

Games got kinda an instrumental “99 Luft Balloons” caked in disco mud vibe. And Hudson Mohawke got a uppers caked in downers mud vibe. Together = living underneath a waterfall in Narnia, or at least watching a documentary about people living under a waterfall in the ’90s, filmed in that handheld style where they zoom in and then circle around. You know? Every kind of electronic music lifted just a little to make a warped cake of earth loving techno. Laurel Halo sings like a priestess, or at least Hope Sandoval if she was happier. Watch the video for the original above and listen to the remix below (via Fact)

Stream: Games, “Strawberry Skies (Hudson Mohawke Remix)”

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