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Niki & The Dove, "Mother Protect (Phaeleh's Ravebomb Mix)" MP3


We’ve been sitting on this all day, waiting for it to get dark. It took Niki & The Dove’s original “Mother Protect” a few minutes to get properly big, like she was holding back until the beat dropped out and you could really hear her shout, but Phaeleh wastes no time, skipping to her once-climactic roar within the first 30 seconds. Were we worried? No. It’s a fucking Ravebomb, there’s a billion drum breaks and it’s six minutes long. That’s like half a subway ride home. Picture us on the train, we’re going to be so amped when it’s over we’ll probably smash our earbuds. Our heads will still be bobbing, we’ll be staring at people all weird, probably sprint up the stairs, punch the air like we’re Rocky.

Download: Niki & The Dove, "Mother Protect (Phaeleh's Ravebomb Mix)"

Niki & The Dove, "Mother Protect (Phaeleh's Ravebomb Mix)" MP3