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Religious to Damn, "Drifter" MP3 + Video

In "Drifter", Religious to Damn's Zohra Atash resounds like a boho-nomad who has lost it all and reached a harsh and dead end. But there she doesn't stop nudging, eventually carves a place for herself that will house her long-accumulated bundles of scorn and the natural dyes she uses to make metallic eyeshadow. The video is real-time evidence of this kind of insistent push-resourcefulness. It was made with modified analog equipment, no effects added, looks like a haunted batik inkblot. Religious to Damn release their full LP Glass Prayer in February. They'll be celebrating it with Wierd Records at Glasslands on January 13th.

Download: Religious to Damn, "Drifter"

Religious to Damn, "Drifter" MP3 + Video