Religious to Damn, “Drifter” MP3 + Video

In “Drifter”, Religious to Damn’s Zohra Atash resounds like a boho-nomad who has lost it all and reached a harsh and dead end. But there she doesn’t stop nudging, eventually carves a place for herself that will house her long-accumulated bundles of scorn and the natural dyes she uses to make metallic eyeshadow. The video is real-time evidence of this kind of insistent push-resourcefulness. It was made with modified analog equipment, no effects added, looks like a haunted batik inkblot. Religious to Damn release their full LP Glass Prayer in February. They’ll be celebrating it with Wierd Records at Glasslands on January 13th.

Download: Religious to Damn, “Drifter”

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  1. T says:

    LOVE IT! super gorgeous and catchy.

  2. Jenns says:


  3. K says:

    im sick of things like this

  4. K says:

    religious? im sick of things like this

  5. DR says:

    There is way too much music out there that sounds like this. And there should be more going on besides showing your dumb head the whole time. Not the best idea. 4 out of 10.