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Jackie Chain, Who Da Mane Mixtape


Gotta hand it to Jackie Chain for figuring out what people want from him and then doing that thing over and over again, and he's got the perfect foil in the ever-versatile Block Beattaz for an entire mixtape, which is basically what happens when you know exactly what rap fans on the internet want and then give them that exact thing. The distribution method is a little intrusive—making you tweet about downloading it to get the download code—which is a good idea but not something we're necessarily comfortable with, you know? Whatever though! It might be the future of music and distribution etc. etc. Anyway! Jackie Chain and Jhi Ali's still great "Rollin" shows up here with different verses and an expanded and less tense take on Robert Miles' "Children," as do a couple other cheesy jams flipped and sampled beautifully by the Block Beattaz. Chain is great for this stuff—his voice is strong without being intrusive so it becomes less about him as a solo entity and more about how he works with Mali Boi and company.

Download: Jackie Chain, Who Da Mane Mixtape

Jackie Chain, Who Da Mane Mixtape