How Diddy Tried to Flirt Chelsea Handler Away from Curtis Last Night on Chelsea Lately

Was Diddy drunk on the couch last night? This is how he put moves on Chelsea Handler last night on her show, a process that may reflect some strategies from the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists: First he arrives late to her show and bypasses her when he walks in. He adjusts his voice to let her know how good it feels to see her face to face and then moves into a different inflection to tell Chelsea that women who wait get good things. Then, he takes off his sunglasses to compliment her dress, talks about how’s he into Ibiza but not regular-type Ibiza, how much he loves love and compares himself to a woman. Finally, he makes a go to distinguish himself by insulting other black men (like her rumored boyfriend 50?) and telling Chelsea she would look good eating a cheeseburger. Did y’all take notes? This is how they do it in Harlem and Paris and some parts of Ibiza! If you’re still there, there’s also about twenty seconds about good sports Dawn and Kaleena and the Russian Grammys.

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