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Video: Demdike Stare, "Hashshasin Chant"

Look, we are not going to lie and tell you that Demdike Stare make the most accessible music. But once you get in there, there's a lot of pleasure and intense depth to be found. For example, this video for the excellent "Hashshasin Chant" is pretty disturbing in a way that most found footage jammers have lately not been. In fact, we'd totally forgive you if you saw an artist's name you didn't recognize and the words "found footage" and you assumed this would be some kind of hazy chillwave thing. Nope! It's just a hypnotic piece built on what sounds like a children's cult chanting, a harsh, robotic bass stab and some horrific images edited together in one continuous stream.

Video: Demdike Stare, "Hashshasin Chant"