Video: Porcelain Raft, “Come Closer”

Porcelain Raft: going for it! He probably wrote poetry in high school. Moped around. Got preoccupied with stars and looking up at night time. Maybe got made fun of for it too, until you got to know him and realized that dude was genuine and wide-eyed and sincere in a way that makes you feel bad about ever being sarcastic or flippant or cynical. “Come Closer” is like when Conan O’Brien made that speech at the end of his time at NBC doing The Tonight Show and made us all want to be better people than we could ever be. It’s another video made up of other footage—this time Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights—and it was released on Christmas Eve, which it turns out is more or less the most introspection heavy night of adult life. Who knew! We missed it when it was released because we hid from the internet over the holidays and were probably also worrying about the snow storm, but here it is now in all its quiet glory. (via P4K)

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