Kanye West, “Runaway (DJ Sega Philly Club Remix)” MP3 and Best of Bmore Club Mix


DJ Sega appeared on the cover of FADER #62, peaking out of the corner from under a really nice Grover fitted and representing the Brick Bandits in our Mad Decent roundup. And while Philly and Bmore club are on the slow side of the hype cycle at the moment, Sega and his contemporaries continue to shred up stars like Kanye as good as ever. For good measure, Sega also compiled a short mix of his Inner Harbor favorites from 2010, with veterans like Rod Lee and KW Griff heavily represented. Grab a crab cake and cheesesteak and enjoy.

Kanye West, “Runaway (DJ Sega Philly Club Remix)” (via LFTF

Download: DJ SEGA – Best of Club Music 2010

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  1. Thanx for linkn us, always good things from the Fader!