Local Natives Teach Pauly D a Thing or Two About Harmony on Fallon

We don’t really know why, but our mom loves bands that harmonize. We don’t think the actual music itself matters much, just the fact that two or more people are singing in harmony; it’s like proof to her that they did their homework or something. So we think she could get down with Local Natives, who showed up on Fallon last night and brought it home. If you ask us, the thing that separates these guys from your average pretty-sounding rock band, besides the fact that the one dude looks like the guy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,is the weirdly too-fast, clicky-clack drumming, but watching them practice the harmonies for “Wide Eyes” in the Fallon green room, we can see where our mom is coming from, even if they all make “singing guy” face. For bonus points, write a fan-fic about Local Natives’ three singers and Fallon’s other Tuesday night musical guest DJ Pauly D forming a barbershop quartet.

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  1. honestnoj says:

    They put on a great show last night on Fallon!
    Fan-Fic: Kelcey Ayer went to San Francisco State University!

  2. TopBananas says:

    Think I just jizzed