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Premiere: Oh Land, "White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)" MP3


Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius—Dane, former ballerina, current Brooklynite—has a new album coming out on March 15th and recently stopped by to play some of it for us. It has a soon-to-be ubiquitous vibe to it, in a good way. She then talked about working with Pharrell (not on the album, nbd) and the hundreds of songs she has laying around that we may never hear. She also mentioned future work with Twin Shadow, and no less than a week later we have some early results, the latter's remix of the former's first single from the aforementioned album. As you can hear, Mr. Lewis took a song that was essentially big drums, synth and Oh Land's sweet voice, used the exact same, but different, components and now it sounds like Art of Noise. Maybe they'll recreate it in person when Oh Land plays Hiro Ballroom in NYC on January 26th.

Download: Oh Land, "White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)"

Premiere: Oh Land, "White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)" MP3