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Video: Palpitation, "In Five Years" + Niva Remix MP3

It’s snowing here in real life, probably snowing in Sweden too. Palpitation live there. We’re staring out the window and the day’s just starting. Maybe not the most exciting video, “In Five Years,” but let’s ease into this one, don’t rush it. And don’t dismiss our fascination in watching non-native English speakers mouths. Shouts out to Sensimetrics. There’s a Niva remix too, still a bit of a slow-burner but with twice as many drums and bleeps that really beef up her chorus. It's nice having two versions: call the first one coffee, Niva's remix is it's Friday and we're taking a long lunch.

Download: Palpitation, “In Five Years (Niva Remix)” (via NMB)

Video: Palpitation, "In Five Years" + Niva Remix MP3