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We Think MIA Ghost Directed Missoni's Campaign Video


For last year's spring/summer ad campaign entitled Friends and Family and shot by Juergen Teller, the Missoni clan seemingly let their hair down. The photos included at least three generations of Missionis hanging out in the kitchen, posing with their cactus, lounging on their Missoni print couch—you know, doing regular shit in their very un-regular luxurious clothes. No matter the design heritage or luxury, the Missoni's were trying to show the world that they were a family just like yours.

A year later comes this video, and traditional Missoni prints have gone ape shit. Somewhere, somehow in all this LSD magic, MIA seems a muse for the creative process. From the bass-heavy lazer-gun accented soundtrack to the random words knitted in the apparel ("jungle", "rump", and our favorite "sushi"), the entire video upends the staid old world image of Missoni. We've seen the Missoni's drop acid before, but this is next level, and since we thought that no mere single screen shot could serve as the lead/face of this post, we enlisted our own Prince of Pyschedelia Duncan Cooper to create a tricked out collage using stills from the video. Peep it above, and after the jump, check out the video for yourself. Extra points if you can spot all the "friends" who make a cameo.

We Think MIA Ghost Directed Missoni's Campaign Video