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Blondes' Kunsthaus Mix

In translation from the original German, kunsthaus means art house. One time we went to Blondes' actual art house/studio and checked out their two magically salvaged instances of one trippy painting. They talked about making computer music for people who don't want their songs too clean and hyper-sculpted. This mix sounds human-responsive, has the crests and falls of a hype foam party or live Phish show (we're guessing). Things begin in a fuzz haze, gear into a Milan summertime plaza party, hit stride with a proxy Blondes set then get gruff, digging eventually into an ominous, perhaps remorseful Lunice hole. Deep in, the only escort out is the conundrum sound of Toronto/YouTube piano mogul Sunny Choi's interpretation of the new Britney dubstep single that asks: "If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?" Right now the Blondes guys are probably holding zero grudges and figuring out what sweaters, cords and plug-ins to pack for their two dancefloor-sparking UK tour dates next month. Berlin haus shows are unscheduled? There's a week in between the London and Glasgow stops, hopefully some breathing room to drift around. More good news: RVNG announced they'll release three Blondes 12"s in the next year.

Download: Blondes Kunsthaus Mix

Blondes' Kunsthaus Mix