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Optimo's FACT Mix MP3


Having flashbacks to Optimo DJing in a weirdly bright room at Don Hill's sometime in 2006 or 2007. Don't really remember what was played, but there was a lot of dancing in spite of the bright lights. The fact that we don't remember a single song reflects on the perpetual bummer of getting older, but also it fits pretty perfectly with Optimo's vibe, which is that in the right context pretty much any song ever can work on the dance floor. Of course, that's not to say that you should throw on this mix, which is mostly ambient, and start a dance party in your office/dorm/bedroom. You could, and it would be fun but also maybe kind of weird and interpretive? Nevertheless, any time these guys put a mix together, you know you're going to get stoked on some random song sitting in the middle of the playlist that the duo toss off like it's not the best thing you've heard today.

Download: Optimo's FACT Mix

Optimo's FACT Mix MP3