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Adam Kimmel's Newest Set of American Heroes


Snoop Dogg and a dude straddling a cow skull in dad jeans would seem to have a cultural gulf between them miles wide, but in Adam Kimmel's mind, they're co-stars in American vaudeville. After sanctifying Snoop Dogg as a national hero for his spring presentation, Kimmel turns to a different set of American idols, ones more likely to be found in New Mexico than Calvin Broadus's Los Angeles, cowboys from different regions and eras, but cowboys all the same.

Writers, movie directors, artists, and singers have been mourning the loss of the American cowboy since modern cattle trucks made their jobs obsolete in the early 20th century, check out Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Montgomery Clift in The Misfits for a sad tale about that extinction. To fill the cultural chasm left by the sad death of open range freewheeling cowboys, Kimmel's dedicated himself as the latest artist to project his ideal rebel onto the American stage. Snoop was an off-the-wall entry into the cowboy canon, these men with bolo ties a little more expected, but common or not, we'll take any wrangler we can get. Check out more images after the jump.

Adam Kimmel's Newest Set of American Heroes