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Stream: Almost Every Show at Shea Stadium Last Year

January 21, 2011

Perhaps you do not live in New York City but in spite of this have heard of a place called "Bushwick" because a respected printed source said it was "arguably the coolest place on the planet" ? That claim was leveled based mostly on their suspicion that what people do in Bushwick is edit videos sometimes, make "art" and go to graduate school. That's not totally off base but may be missing the case of the also-cool people that raise families, run shoe stores, and craft and/or sell the salsa that fuels this shit or whatever. Adam Reich runs Shea Stadium in Bushwick, and what he has been doing there for more than a year is taping every single band that plays in his upstairs cubby and teaming up with Nora Dabdoub to archive all the audio alphabetically by artist name. That effort is a substantial gift to out-of-towners and locals alike. Even if you've enjoyed some of these sets with your own eyeballs you likely didn't hear them as well as Reich's mic's did, were also maybe preoccupied by finding two more cigarettes to smokes, being too hot or too cold or figuring out what to do with dude on the couch (who has to wake up soon to go to graduate school). All the shows are tucked in here. So far this morning we've listened to a Dustin Wong set from September, Liturgy playing in March and that one Dead Gaze set we vaguely remember reminding us of "Today" era Smashing Pumpkins but could only sort of recall. Until now! Hear them after the jump and go see Dustin Wong tonight at Brooklyn Fire Proof tonight.

Dustin Wong - Live @ Shea Stadium 9.16.10 by LiveatSheaStadium

Liturgy - Live @ Shea Stadium 4.17.10 by LiveatSheaStadium

Dead Gaze - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

Stream: Almost Every Show at Shea Stadium Last Year