ACNE Embraces The Extra Big Chill

Just in time for today’s single-digit freeze, ACNE has shown a collection of coats big enough to withstand the cold, extra-wide, to-the-ground columns of cotton and wool that swish like Bishop’s robes. The Swedish brand has added heft to more than just coats: Blazers are double-breasted and square, pants are pleated and wider at the hips than ACNE’s usual skinny proportion. But it’s those ground-skimming coats, a Bohemian’s dream in grey and black, that are your next bet come fall.

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  2. Joyce Dade says:

    FADER, I’m grateful for this. ACNE, you have taken the lead in a very nice way with these long coat fashions for men. They are the best of what I have seen and I have been looking around. Whether of not these coats are affordable is another issue but, you have my admiration for these completely fabulous, stylish, classic and beautiful coats.