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Premiere: Tabi Bonney's Postcard From Abroad Mixtape

Tabi Bonney seems like the kind of dude who doesn't really get phased by anything. We're basing this pretty much only on his rap style, and not actually any moment when we saw him be chill in the face of something supremely unchill. But listening to tracks like the Ghostface-ian "Garfield Fish Bones" or the unfortunately named, but actually really awesome "Freaky Cupcake," Bonney generally just sounds awesomely not impressed by the entire world— even when he might actually be. In general, it's why this mixtape works. In addition to the original stuff, he's rapping over familiar favorites from Phoenix and Lykke Li and even a left-field Knife interpolation. It's all thrown at him at a whirlwind clip, and just as fast as the tracks come, he knocks them out.

Download: Tabi Bonney, Postcard From Abroad

Postcards from Abroad back cover

Premiere: Tabi Bonney's Postcard From Abroad Mixtape