Sleigh Bells, “Tell ’Em (Diplo Remix)” MP3


When we rolled up to the Skins premiere party that MTV threw at a giant warehouse on Manhattan’s West Side Highway the first thing we saw was a teenager getting arrested. In the sense that there were real, lasting downsides to bad behavior the party was heavily unlike the television show it celebrated. We never got in, having shown up too fashionably late, so we only got text message reports of how great Sleigh Bells were inside. We’ll take this Diplo remix as a consolation prize, a blood drawing of the sweaty vibe we missed. Says Diplo, “i really wanted to get it out to u guys cause i think the bass and the drums sounds nice and u can play it at your next party.” Feel free to invite us, we’ll bring tons of painkillers. JK we’ll just bring whiskey and not give it to anyone under 21.

Download: Sleigh Bells, “Tell ’Em (Diplo Remix)”

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  2. zither says:

    this band is horrible and this article is proof that fader has pretty shit taste in music. as if new=good.

    the reality is that a lot of the shit you guys pimp is:

    new, minus actual songs, minus any real personality, intellect, or heart. but i guess if it sucks and is unbelievably annoying, perfectly illustrated by Sleigh Bells, it gets a pass because its “some new shit” “on the vanguard” and all the other cliches you guys peddle.

    Oh and I bet Cstone is pimping it too. there’s your connection.

  3. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    @Zither: It’s true, we hate music just as much as you hate our site. If only we liked music! Maybe someday.