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Stream: Demdike Stare's New Album Tryptych


Manchester collector-conductors Demdike Stare make horror soundtracks, but not vogue hockey jersey in a sauna terror fog, triangle and cross symbol-ed ones. The sound of their difficult, sample based songs is more speechless, like the stilled ocean of anti-matter that you might imagine in a fever dream contracted from a leech on a petticoat or spoiled 17th-century meat. Maybe what the pair accomplish goes back deeper than that, a peaceful acknowledgment of all the world's dybbuks, the good and bad spirits that belong to dislocated souls. Tryptch will have three discs. Each is streaming at NPR until it's up for sale on February 1st.

Stream: Demdike Stare's Tryptch

Stream: Demdike Stare's New Album Tryptych