Open Bar With Virgin Forest

A few days before their show at Bruar Falls, Virgin Forest stopped by Veronica Peoples Club to play us some soothing acoustic rhythms on a fiercely cold January afternoon. These straggly-haired dudes also happen to be the live backing band for previously-featured Open Bar player, Phosphorescent (though they themselves were not in attendance for that one). We took a load off and snapped out of our winter doldrums in the presence of “South Beach” and “That’s Alright”—a song that automatically makes you nod your head and say just that. Both can be heard on their debut album Joy Atrophy, out now on HeartBreakBeat records.

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  1. Jimmy Scully says:

    Those are two of my favorites!

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  3. Nick says:

    Great stuff! This record rules.

  4. LJ says:

    So awesome. I could listen to Virgin Forest all day long!