Video: Ghostface Killah, “2getha Baby”

Shot for shot, Ghostface only wears argyle in this video. Red zip-up argyle sweater, black-on-black argyle beanie, the grey lining in his jacket, his San Jose Sharks-looking wool hat. It’s clearly a high class affair: rose-pedal red carpet, peacock feather fans, 32-ounce Patron Ghost goblet. Lot of slow motion shots of slinky girls whipping their hair. He says “Jimmy Neutron” a few times, which apparently references oral sex via the computer animated boy genius. So cheers to that. Surreal rap.

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  3. StankAzz says:

    isn’t Jimmy Neutron the name of a drink. (patron and Nuvo)

  4. BD says:

    Yeah, Jimmy Neutron is a drink.

    Looks like the purple stuff from Jimmy Neutron, hence the name.