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Video: Tim Hecker, "The Piano Drop"

Not that we're going to make a habit of posting fan videos, but this one is a special occasion. Ambient heartstring tugger Tim Hecker will soon release his latest album Ravedeath, 1972 on Kranky. It's similar to a lot of his other stuff in that it is extremely beautiful and will make you want to make a Bad Decision and call an ex up at like 4 AM to talk about life or god or something equally deep. You'll get the vibe when you watch the video above. The cover of Ravedeath is a snapshot from the first piano drop at M.I.T. in 1972, when a bunch of smart kids pushed a big piano off a roof in the name of science and also it probably looking really cool. Above, there's black and white video of the actual drop set to the song of the same name.

Video: Tim Hecker, "The Piano Drop"