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Fam-Lay Has a Tumblr

We've long since given up on the music industry accepting Fam-Lay into its massive folds in a warm and welcoming embrace, but that doesn't mean the dude can't still make some incredible new music and post it to his Tumblr side-by-side with pictures of tiny machine guns on top of a 7-11 sweet bun. In addition to the aforementioned photo, you can also see Fam-Lay's massive pile of Apple gear, some watches, some old songs unfortunately lost in our hard drive purgatory (if someone wanted to compile every loose Fam-Lay song for us and then send us a zip file, we wouldn't be mad), and a great new video that is pretty much just Fam-Lay rapping in a studio. Also not to be overlooked: Fam-Lay has the best ear for beats of like any rapper, not one of the tracks scattered around his site is a dud.

Fam-Lay Has a Tumblr