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Jason Nocito at Taxter & Spengemann Gallery

Jason Nocito takes a lot of pictures of people. It's his job, he's good at it. From Odd Future to Girls to Skins, he's able to crystallize energy, positive, negative or wherever in between, better than anyone we know. Which is why he has photographed approximately ten million FADER stories. In his personal work, though, Nocito mostly avoids dealings with people, save his immediate family, choosing to photograph big landscapes and dark scenes. Right now through February 19th, Nocito has a photo show at New York City's Taxter & Spengemann Gallery that we heavily recommend you see. We stopped by the space with Nocito to have him walk us through why he loves to shoot in Vancouver, doesn't like to shoot in New York and the basic big themes of life and death. And sex.

Jason Nocito at Taxter & Spengemann Gallery