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Suite903: Drippin' in Jesus for These Warbucks

Every day we ask little black baby Jesus for some blessing that does not come in the form of snow. Our prayers do not always go unheeded. After a couple years of the highest highs and the worst tragedies, Jennifer Hudson is back to making music with that surreal voice of hers and a wild hot body to match. Her first single is a ballad off her rumored "gospel" album set to arrive on March 22nd. It is written and produced by R. Kelly but trust and believe even if we didn't write that there you would know it. Smooth lyrics that are just vague enough to be about Jesus or your shitty ex-boyfriend. They make great use of J. Hud's voice. We can already hear the Pied Piper crooning on a remix. Jennifer never struck us as the type to compete with RiRi or Bey and we loved her for it. Even so, she absolutely slays everything on slow tempo joints like this that build up to serious climax like this one. So yea we don't really know where whoever has been at but we're glad you're back Jennifer!

Keri Hilson's "Drippin" is the best song that never made it. It's bonus track on No Boys Allowed in Japan. Why do they get the good shit? Nevermind all that. Based on her former singles off this album we automatically assumed this song was about some sort of bodily fluid that would cause cringes and all sorts of retching but actually she's just drippin' in swag. Yup, Miss Keri baby is just soaked in financial glory, priceless drippings of Jesus' tears and we like it. If we don't question Rick Ross' mogul-status we won't question her either.

Download: Keri Hilson, "Drippin"

And the final libation: Willow Smith will be playing Orphan Annie in a remake of the '80s Broadway adaptation. It's going to be produced by her parents and Jay-Z. Before you wag your heads and cry "preferential treatment", remember that the 10 yr old (read: 37 year old) had you whipping your best clip-ons all over the streets a few months ago. This could go a long way in showing her vocal chops and chopping heads off the competition. Plus the last time her parents and Jay-Z got together to produce something FELA! was created. If you missed that glory to all things amazing then that's on you. As long as Diddy doesn't play Daddy Warbucks, we will refrain from rioting. We would, however, like to request a dip-dyed Annie bob wig, a scene where Annie rocks Givenchy couture headwear and a maybe dressing the whole cast in Prada. But whatever she does we're excited, she's an Illuminati heir. DON'T MIND THE SNOWPOCALYPSE, THE SUN WILL COME OUT TOMORROW!

Suite903: Drippin' in Jesus for These Warbucks