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Video: Jim Jones, "Going in for the Kill"

As Jim Jones ad-libs over a La Roux intro, the first 30 video seconds overlay applying makeup and pilot-goggled car driving. Tension is building and Jim says “Go!” to introduce the beat, then any semblance of New Jack City seriousness flies right out the window. If going in is the goal/ I think it’s time for me to kill ya. Dudes are playing Call of Duty! Thought we were going to be boot-shaking, not paralyzingly bored bystanders of a step-dad’s couch Xbox match. Maybe it’s a commentary on violence in rap today, where the real killing is digital. Think about the evil shit that men do, he acapellas as the song closes. It’s easy to remember: April, 2000, big cousin hogging Perfect Dark, the deathlike restlessness of watching someone else play video games.

Video: Jim Jones, "Going in for the Kill"