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Video: Wiz Khalifa f. Too Short, "On My Level"

Last year Too $hort attributed the longevity of his success to "having that funky bone in me for the basslines and the drum patterns and just a consistent relentless work ethic." Wiz Khalifa's got a good gut for skunky beats too, and he's pitching the legitimacy of Short's lifestyle to his young, expanding audience in "On My Level," a song about getting fucked up and staying cool in the face of it that will totally not harsh your mellow. In the clip both old and new guard are maintaining a constant not-blunted, Bombay zone on a plain Wednesday night, exhaling deeply. Will Wiz weather years of this as well as $hort has? His barely-moving onstage shuffle is already 100% finesse.

Video: Wiz Khalifa f. Too Short, "On My Level"