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Danny Brown, "D!*k Suck!" MP3


When we talked to him at the beginning of the year, Danny Brown said that he took two years out of his life to finish The Hybrid. His goal wasn't to make songs that could manage radio play. He knows he's a rapper on the internet now, sees that status as an opportunity to join with the other folks who don't fit elsewhere and pull a Kobain-type re-animation of rap/underground rap's current "hair metal" status. In "D!*k Suck!" Brown's just roving his town, trying to find the most game lady to match him. He starts his day standing in the shower pumpin drum and bass, gets his Noxzema on. We're not in the business of making appointments like this, haven't heard dude sound so grizzly on such a gruesome beat before. Is that what happens when you are about to probably/potentially get professionally linked to 50?I But we know how it feels to walk out the house in a thrift store tee cost a nigga four bucks, feeling all red-blooded and proud anyway. Brown's releasing three new songs on a deluxe edition of his year-old tape on February 8th. He'll be opening up for the men of Das Racist at an already sold-out show at the Highline Ballroom in New York this Friday.

Download: Danny Brown, "D!*k Suck" (Via Nah Right)

Danny Brown, "D!*k Suck!" MP3