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Miracle, "The Visitor" (Adeptus Remix) MP3


Normally if you told us that a dude from Sunn0))) (Daniel O'Sullivan) and a dude from Earth and ZombI (Steve Moore) were getting together for a project called Miracle, we'd expect it to sound like getting eaten by the monsters from Tremors and also be the sound of soul crushing, black, heavy, depression. It's actually a lot more accessible than that. There are keys and vocals, and a remix you could play in legit clubs. They might be clubs that you're meant to mope around (more fun than we're making it seem), but this remix by San Francisco's Adeptus, is worth spending some time crying to/about/with. The EP is out February 28th on House Anxiety.

Download: Miracle, "The Visitor" (Adeptus Remix)

Miracle, "The Visitor" (Adeptus Remix) MP3