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Suite903: Snoop Dogg's Family Values

A couple weeks back we saw Snoop Dogg onstage at Sundance. He brought out Tha Dogg Pound, Warren G and his Uncle Junebug. Oh, you didn't know Snoop gets down with independent film? Seeing Calvin with his kin, we got a little nostalgic ruminating on how much he's taught us about back-having over the years.

In Utah, dude had more family members on stage than we're on speaking terms with right now. When we first met Snoop, we were both young punks with our mind on our money (ie weed) and our money on our mind (still weed). We thought loyalty meant what coast you lived on and only talking to the homies you came up with. Then we went off to college as Snoop got charged with murder, and we both figured out who our real friends were. Between then and now, the Dee Oh double Gee moved from crip walking to ankle biter coaching. Remember when Snoop made that porno and supposedly Mrs. Shante Broadus was cool with it, but reality check: no, she wasn't, and they split for a second? Everyone found out they'd been together since high school and were like, “don't do it Snoop!” and the couple renewed their vows and he had a reality show about his family for a hot second? That's loyalty right there.

Even though he's created whole rap groups to put his cousin on, lately his family-first stance is really getting us wanting to call our Nanna just to see what's crackin' at the Sunset Towers Retirement home. He's taken Wiz Khalifa as his "nephew" and invited Uncle Junebug (aged 70+) on tour with him to delight and/or creep out the ladies in the front row. Could Snoop Dogg single-handedly create family reunion rap? Like gangster rap, but about playing video games with your sister's kids and learning about real love from your second cousin? With lines like, step into the limelight/ my kids and my wife are my life/ got my mind right on his latest joint, if anyone could do it, Snoop could. Whether or not he takes it there, we're glad there's a veteran in the game to remind us what's important.

Suite903: Snoop Dogg's Family Values