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Your Friday Hangover Lunch

It is (late) lunchtime in New York on a Friday and chances are you are suffering the repercussions of Thursday night. Like clockwork you've gone and destroyed your body, mind and soul with terrible amounts of alcohol, all for the promise of the weekend on the horizon, but you forgot about the fifth day of the workweek, which you probably have to spend in an office in midtown sharpening pencils or something. It's a bummer, but there's always the hangover lunch to look forward to, and boy do we have something special in mind for today. We just found out about this place The Underground Lunch, a market-driven lunch spot in the West Village that posts its ever-changing menu (with pix!) online every day. They serve anything from chicken and wild mushroom lasagna to your standard hydroponic bibb salad with dried cherries, ricotta salata and toasted pistachios. It looks much more appetizing than a McRib and also won't give you cancer. They're open Monday-Friday, Noon-4pm at 55 Leroy. Let's go right now guys!!!

Your Friday Hangover Lunch