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Cold Cave, "The Great Pan is Dead" MP3

If Cold Cave's last record Love Comes Close was about moping and wallowing (with the occasional semi-joyful moment) then "The Great Pan is Dead" and by extension their upcoming Cherish the Light Years is what happens after life's been really heavy for awhile and then it's suddenly not...except whoops! Yeah it is again, but you're already off and running. You changed out of your sweatpants and are playing catch outside! You just cleaned your apartment and mopped the floors! Might as well keep it going, even if you've got these guys pushing you instrumentally to have a good time and then beating you down a little bit lyrically. We were not meant for this world—whoa, dudes. Heavy, but at least its tempered with pure, forward-moving enthusiasm.

Download: Cold Cave, "The Great Pan is Dead"

Cold Cave, "The Great Pan is Dead" MP3