Packers Won the Super Bowl, Slash and Usher Played Halftime, Rick Ross Watched with Diddy, Lil Wayne Probably Still High

Trying to find a silver lining in bedazzled Fergie singing “Sweet Child O Child” with Slash at the Super Bowl is like looking to get drunk on child Tylenol. Maybe possible probably not worth it. Regardless, it happened, as did Usher rappelling in from a helicopter or some shit to sing “OMG” with Rick Ross kept a video diary of his Super Bowl weekend, including a show in Dallas with his new Maybach Music signee Wale. He watched the game with Diddy, Chris Brown and Lyor Cohen. No word on if any of them fed each other popcorn like Carmen Diaz did to A-Rod. And Lil Wayne, Packers fan for life, kept it understated on his Twitter. Congratulations to the Packers, fuck you Ben Rothlisberger.

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