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Pamela Love Opens Up Pandoras Box, Blogs About It

Judging by her cast-iron conjuring of the spirit of el Dia de los Muertos and the Siberian wooly mammoth, Pamela Love has one of the most wildly spiritual, dark-sided inspirations boards in the fashion industry. And it's not often that you'll get to see behind the scenes at your favorite designers studio, but Love has generously posted a Tumblr that collects all the images that inspire her most. Mountainous monasteries, Anais Nin, European Catacombs and Alan Moore are some of the bizzarro world compatriots that could only find common ground in Love's brain. We selected our favorites after the jump, like those dream jars above, but make sure to check out her own blog if you have about three hours of spare time to fall into a black hole of beautiful works.

Pamela Love Opens Up Pandoras Box, Blogs About It