Video: Young Twist, “Invincible”

We were fully on board before the first second passed: pitched-up Pat Benatar, that’s our new theme song. “Invincible” is Chattanooga garage-studio gun rap, Young Twist’s chain dangling like a diamond Rambo bullet belt. He raps faster, more mush-mouthed than you might expect, layering the track more than necessarily lacing it, a little overexcited to worry on enunciation. There’s a point when sidearm-toting becomes too reckless though, and there are a few moments when the backup Twist gang’s lazy-wristed posturing seems to cross over into half-aiming at their captain’s back. Be careful! The song is great and our weekend’s pre-gaming thanks it for existing, but we’re about three video views away from joining the Million Moms.

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  1. Pretty sure Curren$y rocked this track first and, might I add, did a much better job with it.