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Bun B, "Let Em Know" Live at Highline Ballroom

We went to Highline Ballroom last night to catch Shady Records' newest signees, Slaughterhouse and to ogle at the special guests who showed up to celebrate their new EP release. Beloved dude Bun B came sporting a sweatshirt with Wiz Khalifa on it. It's similar to the one we're wearing in all of our favorite dreams. Taking a mini-break from slaughtering house for a second, Joe Budden started poking fun at a 10-year-old boy he brought up on stage to do a few verses who ended up not knowing any of the words. Bun was still onstage, said, "I gotta get this shit" and started to film the lil boo's faux pas with his phone. We got that shit too, Bun but we also got you blasting through "Let Em Know" with DJ Premier, which was even better.

Bun B, "Let Em Know" Live at Highline Ballroom