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Prefuse 73's New Album Sampler


Prefuse 73 holds a special place in the hearts of so many young bass-heads, here’s hoping his new beat-less project The Only She Chapters signals more weird sea-change to the bedroom producer set. Featuring the late Trish Keenan, Zola Jesus and a handful of other female vocalists, the album is roughly choral, wholly space-echo compositional. Judging in 30 second slices, the track with Adron is going to his us / hurt us the hardest, but the whole thing doesn’t come out until April 25/26, and we’ve yet to hear Ms. Zola. So countdown to that day! We'll be lying on the floor thinking about stuff.

Stream: Prefuse 73's The Only She Chapters Album Sampler

Prefuse 73's New Album Sampler