Where The Internet Ends: DJ Rupture & Friends Go Beyond Digital in Morocco


The internet has changed and expanded how DJ’s work and what they can do, but sometimes that yellow brick road ends and it becomes impossible to collect the information you want and need online. Post-digital culture guru Jace Clayton (DJ Rupture) is at that point, in turn has decided to spend his summer leading a research and production excursion with Maga Bo, filmmaker Carolyn Lazard, Taliesin Gilkes-Bower and FADER Photo Editor John Francis Peters. They’ll be working as a team to meet a complex assortment of personal goals and give the world a change to see how artists use digital technology creatively on and their own terms. Over the course of a month they’ll set up a collaborative DIY recording studio in a rented house, teach workshops and hold weekly concerts. Peters will document what happens in a photo essay, Gilkes-Bower will conduct research on small studios, Lazard will film documentary shorts, Clayton will unearth the origin and future of Berber Auto-Tune and Bo will record an album. To pay for travel, translators and a nice website to share their findings, the crew is looking for some help. Watch their Kickstarter pitch after the jump, and head over here to pledge your part. Investment level depending, donors will get back CD’s curated from Moroccan markets, JFP photo prints, or a party DJ set from Rupture and Bo.

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  3. Cyrus says:

    this is pretty cool. i’m working on a similar project, a little less tech and a little more grimy, a tv show about underground music scenes in different countries. it’s called raw music international and we just finished shooting the first episode in western kenya. blog with video and audio of deep underground shit: