Suite903: Brothertiger and Andre Harrell’s Champagne Valentines Day

Here at Suite903 where everything is about smooth(ness) and silk— we don't actually care about Valentine's Day. It's hard to watch your entire G be turned into a commercial cheesecake. We have managed to find a light in all the fluff, though. Brothertiger's new track: "Back to Us" has taken us to a place we relish romantically: the John Hughes love story.

Back in high school when we were still young and untarnished. Our days held a lot of possibilities, like the John Hughes love stories of the 80s. In those, Molly Ringwald would love some crazy rich bro and he would realize her new wave style was actually pretty rad and that his friends and life in general sucked. Everyone could relate to or at least dream of such things. The best part of those movies was always the music—new wave jams full of heavy synth and distorted vocals. This song is the climax at the tragic prom scene when, behold, the dude would run after Molly and hit her with, "I'm so dumb" and a pre-babymaking tongue down. As the second verse builds you can feel anticipation beating like blood in your ears, similar to when rebellious and fearless Ferris Bueller and friends go for a joyride in the Porsche or Molly realizes she might could get chose. Brothertiger, celebrating his of-legal-drinking-age TODAY— may still look at the world like an un-jaded John Hughes character. His sound is refined, but still sounds like a celebration of the act of coming-of-age.

This exclusive track, as well as the entire EP Point of View, will drop on Valentine's Day via Collective Crowd Records. We plan on blasting it as we pull out our old scrunchies and dance with tears streaming down our face while watching Sixteen Candles. Afterward, we may continue to remain wrapped in 80's taffeta warmth with his remix of Tecla's "Rollercoasters in the Woods". Bottles of wine will be demolished and maybe we'll say something wild about Hughes' race-profiling of Asians, but for now, we have hope for a pure-moods V-Day.

Download: Brother Tiger, "Back to Us"

Download: Tecla, "Rollercoaster into the Woods (Brothertiger Remix)

For those of you whole like to start your celebrations of love the night before and let them build to early morning glory: Andre Harrell—the man behind Mary J. Blige, Diddy and Jodeci— is now hosting a Sunday night show called Champagne & Bubbles that's named after his mixtape with DJ Cassidy. The show debuted last week at and will take place weekly every Sunday 6-9pm on 98.7 KISS FM. It promises to feature the greatest hits of the 80s and 90s along with exclusives we're confident the music titan can get. May it set the mood for you and your chosen one this weekend. We've set aside a bottle of the finest red and our leopard robe for this week's edition.

Suite903: Brothertiger and Andre Harrell’s Champagne Valentines Day