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New York Fashion Week: J. Sabatino

J. Sabatino has always had cinematic vision, sourcing inspiration for his moody collections from Jim Jarmusch movies and New York romance. The presentation for fall was no different, housed in the theatre of a crackling old hotel on E. 4th Street, no light in the room besides harsh white spotlights and complete silence except for a lonely accordion player on stage with the models. It looked David Lynch-directed, vaguely circusy and dark, a surreal, insane asylum take on nostalgia. But none of that vibe distracted even for a second from how wonderful the clothes were, a season of Chianti-colored ponchos and shaggy cardigans that nodded towards the costume rack of a 1970s period film but looked, at the same moment, intensely wearable and easy. Check out more images after the jump, and read the recent feature on J. Sabatino in our December/January issue. (via GQ)

New York Fashion Week: J. Sabatino