Video: Yeasayer, “I Remember”

Happy Valentines day or whatever. Depending on who you are, you either don’t give a shit, are super grumpy or are deep in the game and can barely do your work because you’re already too full of chocolates and there are like seven giant stuffed bears in pastel colors chilling in the back of a delivery truck on their way to you right now. Yeasayer are a pretty romantic band when you come down to it. Their world view is a little bleak, but “I Remember” is as bittersweet and heartfelt a song as there could possibly be. They’ve now got a video for the track, directed by Sophia Peer, which features a biker dude in leather pants going bonkers in the desert, getting tangled up in some florescent dust and passing out before getting his face licked by a hot girl in jean shorts. Just like our lives except minus all of that stuff. They’re also giving the track, along with a couple remixes, away for free on their site. Give it to a loved one, or just send it to yourself. THIS DAY IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

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