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Cut Copy, A Tale Of Two Journeys Mix

Although Cut Copy are doing it as a promotional thing to win a copy of this mixtape—which is apparently scattered throughout various record stores and available as a bonus when you buy Zonoscope—we can't help but look at this mix as wishful thinking from a band that pretty much legitimately became megastars in the last couple months. It's not like people didn't care before, but now they're doing the big band thing, playing multiple shows at the same venue and consistently selling them out. Festival circuit after festival circuit until the whole thing spirals into a mess of dudes in cargo shorts passing the orb under dusty tents next to a giant pole spraying mist everywhere. It's mostly laid back, as you'd expect from a mix that is billed as "a medley of hits performed live at the Island Diamond Dance Hall in '87 by Bobby Boomerang and his band." Never mind that, as far as we know, the Island Diamond Dance Hall was never an actual place, we can still imagine the Cut Copy dudes jamming it out in there, covering the labels on their records so we have no idea what kind of heat they're actually holding in their collection. But it's 2011 and we all have the internet, so we all know everything there is to know about everything ever, which means that if you've got some time on your hands you can take a crack at figuring out the correct tracklisting for the whole mix. First person to get it entirely right wins a copy of the CD and tickets to see a Cut Copy headline show nearest their hometown (they're playing at a Six Flags in Mexico, hopefully you live close to that one). A few people after that will win the CD. Send your best guesses here.

Cut Copy, A Tale Of Two Journeys Mix