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Video: Cut Copy, "Need You Now"

We vaguely remember hating on people for telling us about their dreams recently, because it's like, Why do we want to know about the time your brain invented a scenario where your bed was on your ceiling and babies were falling from it and you had to catch the babies and you caught them all, luckily, but it was really nerve-wracking and what does it all mean?. Sorry about that, everyone. This Cut Copy video, directed by Keith Schofield, makes us see the error of our close-minded, dream-hating ways. It views like it came straight from a weird drug-induced sleep adventure that somehow involved people mixing up sports and running at each other with weapons and sporting utensils. Shout out to the baseball guy with the tennis racket though, that could end with some serious undiscovered crossover potential. Crazy shit happens at the end though, you'll see. Song is good too. (via Stereogum)

Video: Cut Copy, "Need You Now"