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Hype Williams, "Businessline" MP3

In trying to get a handle on what Hype Williams are doing, we recently realized that we often can't tell what is intentional in their music and what is a happy accident. For example, on "Businessline," which comes from One Nation out March 15th on Hippos in Tanks, there's a subtle crackle occasionally stuttering under the warped synths. Is it supposed to be there or was it an accident? It's impossible to tell, but either way, it furthers the idea that Hype Williams are attempting to create that same feeling of finding a bizarre older record at the store, listening to it, and being like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS AND HOW DID IT COME FROM AN EARLIER DECADE? Only difference is Hype Williams are doing it right now, and we're still trying to figure out if it's more about music or about performance art or about sitting uncomfortably in the middle with no proper definition.

Download: Hype Williams, "Businessline"

Hype Williams, "Businessline" MP3