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Harmony Korine Weirdly Photographs Urban Outfitters

photographer Harmony Korine

Known for beautifully abrasive films like Kids and Gummo, Harmony Korine brings his creepy nostalgia to Urban Outfitter's latest look book. Featuring models that look as though they were abducted from the set of MTV's Skins, it's Korine's trademark mix of pretty and scary that makes UO's soft preppy appeal pop against the dingy suburban landscapes. With floral patterns, flowing silhouettes and plenty of jeans, UO styles a carefree Midwestern flair that defines college wardrobes across the country. And Korine's dreamy (nightmarish?) collage work and stark sketches compliment strip off the polish and cuteness. Although Korine has done previous work in fashion (let's not forget his controversial Proenza Schouler video), his comfort parsing through adolescent angst is what makes these images work.

Harmony Korine Weirdly Photographs Urban Outfitters