Oscars Trash Talk: Only Four Women Looked Cool at The Oscars


Hey, we’re not trying to be mean. Plenty of Oscar bettys looked pretty last night, columns of Grecian gold and swept-up hair. But only four ladies looked cool, a very different thing. Their avant choices in attire made them seem even more glamorous, made it clear that they, and not the blondes in the safe off-the-shoulder gowns, were the true queens. The bevy of cute, frothy dresses that walked last night are the tulle equivalent of giving the three main awards of the night to a movie about a dead English king. Who cares? Cate Blanchett’s weird but perfect Ricardo Tisci, Rachel Roy’s color blocking, Helena Bonham Carter’s costume drama, and Sharon Stone’s bitchy glamor were the saving graces, fleeting indications that eccentricity and unsafe choices can still be the calling card of Hollywood, that the spirit of Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn haven’t been completely suffocated in a barrel of crinkled satin. Hollywood: we’re yawning. Give awards to cooler people. Check out Stone and Bonham Carter after the jump.

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  1. MP says:

    HBC and Cate Blanchett are cool perfection, always. Fact check though, Cate is wearing Givenchy Haute Couture, not Tisci.