Adele Told Chelsea She’s Better Off Without Her Shabby Ex-boyfriend


Last night Chelsea Handler got to carry one with Adele, the most beautiful and clever “ginger biscuit” in show business. Adele wore a black glamor smooch with leggings and round pumps, and explained that her wildly successful album 21 is all about one now-deaded relationship. She’s doing a bit better than her former partner in the fall out, staying in nice hotels while he remains in a shabby London apartment. They’re not friends now, she doesn’t really care. At 2:00, Adele explains why he got ‘hushered’ away from Sarah Palin. Then at 5:19 Chelsea says it must be amazing to be able to sing so well and Adele automatically responds that yes, it is, before letting out the cackle that should become her signature. It’s impossible to capture her charm in screenshots—here’s a gif that tries harder. Watch the full interview, after the jump.

adele gif

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  1. tina says:

    make a video where we in scotland are aloud too see it pleaseee :)x