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Premiere: Tough Knuckles, "Living in Fear" MP3

The VANNAWHITE LP was just a glimmer in Calvin LeCompte's eye back when we put Tough Knuckles in FADER 66. In fact, we remember a certain photograph of dude sitting poolside in Florida at the time with a guitar in his hands. Though he was probably working really hard on the new album, it was nonetheless taunting. Poolside in February! Roughly one year later, his efforts in partying and songwriting have finally come to fruition with the VANNAWHITE LP, out on Famous Class Records tomorrow. A lot has happened in that one year—including the sad passing of local hero Ariel Panero, whose swirling guitar sounds act as a brotherly accomplice to Lecompte's Knuckles.  Check out the springy jam, "Living in Fear" for a sneak preview of the album before you can legally purchase it.

Download: Tough Knuckles, "Living in Fear"

Premiere: Tough Knuckles, "Living in Fear" MP3